PHP is awesome for creating blogs, order-processing sites, ecommerce sites, search sites, community discussion forums, email systems, user review sites, directory listings, social networking sites, and so much more. Need a registration and login process on your website? Want to have private content that can only be reached with a password? Want to gather information from your clients securely? PHP can do it all.

A server-side programming language like PHP is the mechanism that takes your website from a flat, static page that does nothing more than display text and pictures to a dynamic, interactive juggernaut. One that can gather information as well as disseminate it. One that can react to the actions of your viewers for an infinitely more powerful and personalized experience. Many major web applications such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Wikipedia, even much of the user-side of Facebook, rely on the magic of a PHP coder.

PHP and MySQL Databases

Any PHP coder worth his/her salt knows that PHP works wonderfully in concert with MySQL databases. Many common web-based platforms sought by clients today rely on both PHP and MySQL to drive their software. Wordpress and phpBB Forums, two products we work in with frequency, use these technologies. This allows us as a PHP coder to customize many features with these products for our clients. Among the major advantages of both PHP and MySQL as compared to other technologies is that they are open source and free.

A MySQL database allows your site to store data. Lots of it. This data can be used in your website pages such as ecommerce stores and custom applications that we build. It can also store information submitted by your users for future use. The database is dynamic, meaning the data in it can change at any time. It is the cornerstone of interactive data sharing.

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