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As minimalist Website Designer in Jaipur, we believe in the old adage that proclaims, "less is more". At least when it comes to our designs. Minimalist web design refers to the concept of breaking a design down to its bare essentials. Minimalism allows one to focus on the message your site is promoting without unnecessary distraction. It offers clean, easy to follow navigation so that users can find what they are looking for quickly and painlessly across a multitude of browsers and devices. Check out some of our recent work in our web design portfolio to see what we mean.

Google vs. Yahoo! is a good comparison example. Google has gone the way of the minimalist in contradiction to it's largest rival, Yahoo!. Google has a very clean, simple interface and design that lets you know first and foremost what they do best. An almost blank page with a Search Field front-and-center says, "I am a Search Engine". Additionally, they have a very simple text navigation at the top of the page for many of their major products such as Maps, Gmail, and Drive.

Conversely, Yahoo! attempts to overload your senses with boxes and boxes of text, news, graphics, video, slideshows, and more. It's a virtual orgy of sensory input . As such, one would be hard pressed to figure out what it is Yahoo! is offering as their primary product. Are they a Search Engine? A news site? Something in between?

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